What Is Affiliate Marketing

Without a doubt, Affiliate Marketing is the ultimate business model, plain and simple.

An affiliate marketer’s costs are ridiculously low, they mainly deal with digital products that require only a login to deliver and while there are some overheads such as ad buys, and a subscription to an email autoresponder, the profits are high.

Many people mistakenly believe that online affiliate marketing is somehow dubious at best probably fueled by their suffering at the hands of MLM, Ponzie type schemes and the like. It is not.

Companies are not out to rip off their affiliates, it would be tantamount to business suicide. Affiliates are the lifeblood of the companies that use them for traffic generation. They need their affiliates to make money and to scale their businesses. A stand alone company can only do so much but with an army of affiliates, they can become marketing empires.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of getting paid to introduce a company to a customer. Many businesses operate this way such as real estate companies, car sales companies, insurance companies and all sorts of other companies that chose to employ commission sales reps. The practice is as old as commerce itself and if you are a good salesperson you can earn much more than anyone else in a wage job.

The only difference with an affiliate is that they do not have to make the sale. They simply have to get customers to the store. Generate traffic. Once they get a customer through the shop door, the shop can sell then the product. It’s a beautiful thing.