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Mike Scherer  is a Home-Based Business Owner with a wide knowledge of what to do and what not to do in business. He is also a Business Consultant/Coach and Personal Success Coach located in Papamoa, New Zealand.

Personal Success Coaching is for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, who want to change their lives for the better by learning how to take back control of what happens in their lives rather than life just happening to them.

It’s about taking responsibility for your own actions, whether they be right or wrong.

Taking personal responsibility for the actions required in order to achieve the results you demand is key. It addresses the issues and belief systems that are holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Some people want to be Entrepreneurs, others want a calm and stable income through holding a position in a company where they are challenged, respected and fulfilled as a person.

Our business philosophy is to help as many people as we can to reach their goals of happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Business Consulting is where I help business owners to improve their profitability and efficiency by offering business consulting, coaching and “Done For You” business services.

I want people to achieve a life of abundance where money becomes merely a means of doing things for good, which they otherwise would not be able to do. You see, life is not about money and how much of it you have, life is about what you can do with that money to help make a positive difference in the world.



I have a wide range of experience in life and small business. Born and bred on a dairy farm in New Zealand, I am qualified Civil Engineer, but that is not my passion.

I found the only way to progress in the engineering profession was to be bound to a desk, in a cubicle where nobody took much notice of me because I didn’t have a degree. Ironically, having a degree only made matters worse…

In 1981, the opportunity came to return to the family farm where I worked my way up the industry to eventually own the farm outright. I was involved in farm politics, representing farmers’ rights at local and national levels. I was a strong advocate for further education of farmers, wrote a monthly newspaper column, became a disputes mediator, and led local farmer discussion groups.

There were good times and very bad times where the fate of dairy farmers was dictated by the ups and downs of the world commodity markets.

Valuable life and business lessons were learned during the 19 years I spent as a farmer, eventually personal circumstances meant that farming was no longer an option. Divorce and everything that goes with it followed. I found myself having to care for 3 children on my own, one of which is severely brain damaged requiring 24 hour care.

I tried hard to be an employee, but it was never going to work. Too many years of independence mean’t that owning a business was the only way forward. Motel ownership was the next step, later progressing to hotel management, and during that time I purchased another business that specialized in the repair and maintenance of office machinery, especially printers.

It was in these businesses I learned the value of providing a service that customers wanted and needed. I specialized further by doing work on machines that nobody else was willing to tackle. I became self-taught and proficient on a variety of office machines such as Mailing machines, Large commercial printers, Payroll printers and large format commercial design printers. I was in demand.

After 7 years in the hotel business working with a franchiser, I discovered what it was like to be totally broke. I avoided bankruptcy by borrowing some money from family and managed to crawl out of crippling debt.

Having relied on caregivers for my disabled son for so many years, I realized I could do the work myself. The work was well paid, I could work from home independently from the administrators as a legitimate home business.

Finally, I had found what I didn’t really know I was looking for… A passion for helping others achieve their dreams while living a life and lifestyle where there is no stress, a good income and freedom of choice to do the things I love to do.


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