6 Principles For High Performance

High performance is all about raising the bar as opposed to peak performance which is more about reaching a predetermined level and then tapering off until the next time you want to peak.

There are a few principles you need to understand that work in business as well as in life that will transform and sustain your high performance in the long term.

Realise that as a business owner you are different from other people. You have a shift in thinking from the way most people think, a different mindset. The way you operate is different because you are constantly thinking about your business, about how to improve and about how to be better than yesterday. You take it personally because it is your thing, it’s what you do.

Principle 1.

Find a problem and solve it. To most people problems are just that, but to business minded people they are opportunities or challenges. There is so much information about everything these days that we tend to just shut it out mostly, but if you can be focused on a particular thing, you can channel that information into providing answers and solutions to those who are looking for it.

People want solutions to their problems and they will go looking for solutions…your job as a business person is to identify the questions that you know the answers to and provided the solutions specifically to those people. You will have a successful business when you throw your heart and soul into helping those people. When you can do this consistently for a range of similar problems within your area of expertise, you will become very valuable to your customers.

Principle 2.

“Walk The Talk” Don’t just talk about stuff, go and do it.People don’t buy your talk, they buy you. They will get behind your story and your actions and it feels much better to show results than to just talk about what you’re going to do.If people are drawn to you it feels good and you will be inspired to do more and more. Actions create inspiration.

Principle 3.

Focus on the result rather than the method. Put another way, focus on the destination rather than how you get there. There’s and old selling adage that goes “Sell the benefits not the features”. Providing solutions to other people’s problems is just the same. Show people how you can help them, show them the direct result of joining you to help them find the answer they are looking for. At the end of the day all people are really interested in is what is in it for them. What will they get out of it?

Principle 4.

Now that you have shown people HOW you can help them, TEACH them something.This will give them the confidence and stimulus to learn more. Teach them a better way to achieve and execute so they will have a sense of being able to do anything they want. Changing someone’s life is about teaching them the strategies and giving them the tools to succeed.It is not about doing it for them.

Principle 5.

You have to commit fully to whatever you do. Go “all in”.If you don’t then you will start to wonder whether it’s really worth it. You only get one shot at life so why not? It could be money holding you back, you might not have the resources to find the cash you need to fully commit. That’s OK, you just have to adjust and make as many sacrifices you can until you get there. This is where you never give up, keep pushing until you can afford it.

Principle 6.

What is it about certain people or brands that really resonate with you and inspire you?

Why do these things appeal to you?

You resonate with these people and messages because they are in alignment with your own values. Attraction marketing people will call it being in the same vibration, call it what you like, it makes you feel good and worthwhile. Identifying with these values you find in people and brands you admire confirms your individuality. For me it’s Motorbike adventure and dualsport riding, Apple products, Adventure, Lifestyle, Flying. I like to be a non-conformist when it suits me and I respect quality products that help me make a difference. I like people and brands that think different, like Apple.

Think differently, change your attitude, how can you be better than yesterday?