This website is for those people who need and want to change their lives for the better by breaking the cycle of exchanging their precious time for money.

In our lives we all reach a point of crisis. It’s often referred to as a “mid-life” crisis, especially for men. Women I think, experience similar feelings but tend not to express themselves in quite the same way men often do. (Sports cars, Boats, Motorbikes etc.)

This is more likely the time when the urge to become a better person or to make something of ourselves appears. The feeling never really goes away until YOU decide to do something about it.

TAKE ACTION.  The world doesn’t pay you for what you know, it pays you for what you do. – Jack Canfield

Working longer hours or trying to get paid a higher hourly rate is never going to work. Self-Employed status doesn’t work either, you’ve really just bought yourself a job, which in most cases finds you working much longer hours for less money than when you had a job!

The word JOB can be described as an acronym for “Just Over Broke”

The problem then, is how do you make more money without working longer or harder? The answer of course is to work smarter.

In order to achieve a lifestyle where money becomes a tool to get the things we desire, we need to find a different way. We need to Challenge Our Reality and decide to take action.

 We want to eventually fire our boss and to produce a consistent, sustainable income.                

This website and associated Podcast are designed to help you do just that, by providing you with the information then ultimately, the tools and products to build the business you deserve.

So now, that all being said, let’s find out what we’re all about and dive into the information, tips, tricks and ideas that are here for you.